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Debt Management and Bond Issuance

NW Financial takes an active role in structuring the transactions while taking into account the following factors:

  • Long and short-term cost/benefit and potential alternatives
  • Interest rate sensitivity
  • Insured versus uninsured financing
  • Fixed versus variable rate financing
  • Price/yield optimization
  • Short term versus long term financing
  • Reinvestment optimization strategy
  • Budgetary impact of the project
  • Impact of tax law restrictions
  • Competitive and negotiated
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Our Methods

In financing projects, we utilize both traditional forms of financing and creative methods that have earned us numerous industry awards. The firm has experience in all types of public financing transaction including:

  • General Obligation Bonds, both limited and unlimited tax
  • Special Assessment Bonds
  • Revenue Bonds
  • Authority Bonds, both General Obligation and Revenue
  • Contract Bonds
  • Tax Anticipation Notes
  • Tax Increment Financing Bonds
  • Current, Advance and Forward Refundings
  • Build America Bonds
  • Clean Renewable Energy Bonds
  • Redevelopment Area Bonds
  • Certificates of Participation

Dedicated and Experienced Public Finance Professionals

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