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Warren White


Prior to joining NW Financial Group, Warren White was Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at First American Municipals, Inc. (FAM) where he worked for twenty-three years. At FAM, he was the lead banker for several hundred municipal bond issues, with a special emphasis on municipal credits in suburban Philadelphia. He also served as financial advisor to the Louisville Metro Sewer District, with over $1.5 billion in bond issues and interest rate swap transactions totaling over a $1 billion notional amount.

Warren began his public finance career in 1976 at Moody’s Investors Service where he was responsible for the credit analysis of state agencies, with an emphasis on state housing agencies. Immediately after leaving Moody’s, Warren was the senior banker coordinating the structuring and marketing of bonds for three state housing agencies. In 1988, he left the business for a short period while attending the economics PhD program at Princeton. Warren first worked as financial advisor with Louisville clients in 1984 when he served as advisor to Jefferson County for its Capital Projects Corporation.

In addition to his work on municipal bond transactions, Warren has acted as an expert witness for a school district in litigation alleging bond counsel negligence.


Oberlin College, Oberlin Ohio
Bachelor of Arts

University of Massachusetts
Amherst Massachusetts
Master of Arts

London School of Economics
General Course

Princeton University PhD Program


7 (Full Registration/General Securities Representative)
27 (Financial and Operations Principal)
50 (Municipal Advisor Representative)
53 (Municipal Securities Principal)
52 (Municipal Securities Representative)
72 (Government securities limited representatives)
99 (Operations Professional)
SIE (Securities Industry Essentials Examination)

Dedicated and Experienced Public Finance Professionals

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