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Norma Gilyard


Norma T. Gilyard has been with NW Financial since December of 2003. She is an ambitious marketer with a comprehensive understanding of marketing strategies and initiatives.

Over the past decade, Ms. Gilyard has played an instrumental role in NW Financials line of business by keeping our current and potential clients updated on the firm’s business endeavors. Ms. Gilyard currently coordinates the execution of email broadcast campaigns, marketing and events, media advertisements, field promotions, client communications, and other marketing plans. Norma represents our firm in different branding activities such as corporate events, trade shows, marketing conferences, and meetings. Norma also frequently manages NW’s online marketing campaigns and publishes write-ups on social networking websites and blogs.

Ms. Gilyard is responsible for the development of various marketing materials such as brochures, pitch books, proposals, presentations, and newsletters as well as personally supervises production and implementation of procurement of Request for Proposals/Qualifications (RFP/RFQ’s) and contracts.

Norma writes, maintains, and updates web content on a monthly basis and has achieved a greater audience through newsletters by effectively using the latest technology and interacting with colleagues and marketing suppliers to build close working relationships.

Prior to NW financial, Norma worked as a legal secretary for Radames Velazquez, Esq. and Kevin Bosworth, Esq. for 4 years.


The University of Phoenix Studied Business Marketing

Digital Marketing Institute Certified Digital Marketing Professional

Dedicated and Experienced Public Finance Professionals

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