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lisa petrosky muckle
Lisa Petrosky-Muckle


Lisa J. Petrosky-Muckle, Managing Director joined NW Financial Group in April 2000, bringing her expertise in analyzing and acquiring affordable multi-family housing projects. Having worked with both private ownership of affordable housing and Public Housing Authorities she has in depth experience on a variety of affordable housing programs. Her goal is to ensure that these affordable housing properties are able to remain both financially and physically viable going forward. Working closely with engineers she has gain an understanding of the Physical Needs Assessments (PNA), including Green components and the importance of this report to the future sustainability of the project.

Most recently Ms. Petrosky-Muckle has been working has been working alongside Public Housing Authorities in the State of New Jersey assisting them through HUD’s Rental Assistance Demonstration (“RAD”) Program. Through this program Public Housing Authorities’ convert their funding platform from Section 9 to Section 8, whereby permitting the Authority to securitized debt for project improvements. Ms. Petrosky-Muckle worked closing with the Madison Housing Authority which was the first Public Housing Authority RAD transaction completed in NJ followed closing by Passaic Housing Authority which completed its transaction through the use of Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) through NJHMFA. Ms. Petrosky continues to work on these projects along with ongoing consulting assignments for various Housing Authorities. To date NW Financial as participated in the closing of 13 RAD transactions across the State of New Jersey.

Ms. Petrosky-Muckle served as the Managing Director for the firm’s federal contract with the United States Department of Housing and Urban Renewal’s (HUD) Mark-to-Market program. This program is administered by HUD’s Office of Affordable Housing Preservation (“OAHP”). Prior to this assignment, Ms. Petrosky-Muckle was the senior underwriter in the firm’s Affordable Housing department where she completed underwritings on numerous affordable housing properties located throughout the country.

Ms. Petrosky-Muckle’s work entails intensive due diligence, market, and financial analysis of affordable housing properties petitioning for the renewal of Section 8 contracts. This includes developing detailed budgets and pro forma operating statements, evaluating engineer’s reports and appraisals, and structuring a financing plan for HUD review and approval. In this capacity, she also coordinated interaction between local HUD offices, third-party professionals, and property ownership, management, and residents.

Prior to joining NW Financial, Ms. Petrosky-Muckle spent four years at Windsor Financial Group, an investment banking firm located in El Segundo, California and affiliated with NW Financial. Among many notable achievements during her time with Windsor, Ms. Petrosky-Muckle played a pivotal role in acquiring eleven multi-family properties in Arizona and Texas for a New York based not-for profit organization, with a total financing value of over $100 million.

Ms. Petrosky-Muckle has been active in the both the NY and NJ Chapters of Women in Housing and Finance and is a past board member of the NY Chapter. Ms. Petrosky continues to serve as Financial and Operations principal of the firm’s registered broker-dealer, NW Capital Markets, Inc.


Montclair State University
Bachelor of Science


27 (Financial and Operations Principal)
63 (Uniform Securities Agent)

Dedicated and Experienced Public Finance Professionals

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