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devon dafonseca

Devon Dafonseca

Vice President

Devon Dafonseca joined NW Financial in July 2020. Since joining the firm, Ms. Dafonseca has been directly involved with the NW Financial team for CARES Act programs, as well as the newly released American Rescue Plan (“ARP”) funding programs. These federal programs aid local governments in addressing the Covid-19 public health emergency. Ms. Dafonseca has in-depth knowledge of the Federal Guidelines governing these funds as well as the knowledge required for the reporting that is required for each county/municipality. 

The County of Passaic implemented a Municipal Reimbursement Program with a portion of its CARES funds. Ms. Dafonseca was a team member involved with the review of applications, evaluation of eligibility questions, and communication with clients on various project points.  

Multiple cities and counties implemented a Small Business Grant Program with a portion of their CARES and ARP funding.  For each of these programs, Ms. Dafonseca worked on our designated team to create the online portal and application process, hire and train specialized staff, oversee the review of applications, and help to manage the overall execution of the programs.  


The City of Union City implemented a Mortgage Assistance Program with a portion of their ARP funding. Ms. Dafonseca’s work on these programs includes creation of the program, reviewing applicant eligibility, evaluating applications, and verifying documentation 

Ms. Dafonseca has also worked with the Jersey City Municipal Utilities Authority as part of its implementation of a solid waste fee.  Ms. Dafonseca provided detailed analysis on the items in the Authority’s database to understand their characteristics and provide a preliminary billing recommendation. 

 In addition, Ms. Dafonseca works with senior staff at the firm, assisting with coordination, planning, compliance, and account management. She also is involved with accounts receivable  

 Prior to joining the NW Financial team, Ms. Dafonseca was involved in event coordination and hospitality in the Northern New Jersey area.  



Montclair State University
Bachelor of Arts: Communication Studies and Public Relations

Dedicated and Experienced Public Finance Professionals

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