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dan banker

Daniel Banker

Managing Director

Daniel S. Banker joined NW Financial in July 2018. Mr. Banker serves as Vice President for the firm and provides various financial analyses services for clients.

Since joining the firm, Mr. Banker has been involved with numerous redevelopment projects across New Jersey, including both market-rate and affordable residential, hotel, and warehouse facilities. This includes the analysis of developer financial projections, projection of new resident and school children costs, and determining appropriate PILOT terms for each project. Throughout this process, he has become educated on all aspects of the Long-Term Tax Exemption Law and uses this knowledge to provide superior service for his clients and ensure they receive the maximum benefit.

He is highly proficient in the creation of financial models, including the creation of a partially automated redevelopment model that generates several outputs including developer returns, fiscal impact, and tax benefit, which assists in many of the firm’s redevelopment studies.

Mr. Banker has close to a decade of real estate experience in both New York and New Jersey where he managed the research departments for two top brokerage firms. He consulted with developers on all aspects of residential development including site acquisition underwriting, construction finance, design development and marketing in both the rental and sale markets.


North Carolina State University
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Finance

Dedicated and Experienced Public Finance Professionals

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