February 2014
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Financing Capital Projects: Hot Topics

Rod Grants/Debt Service Aid:

As many of you already know, the New Jersey Department of Education has allocated the next round of Regular Operating District  ("ROD") and vocational schools facilities project funding monies. The allocated monies are available as either an upfront grant or ongoing debt service aid.  Many of you have submitted an application to the DOE and are planning referenda in the coming months to provide for your proportionate share of the capital costs. Whether a ROD Grant or ongoing debt service aid is being considered NW Financial can provide the financial expertise needed to navigate through all of the financial, tax impact and capital financing associated with the required referendum.

School Security:


School security is a growing concern for school districts. The ability to shut down buildings, offices and classrooms as well as the installation of surveillance equipment is taking a front seat as school districts look to provide greater safety for their children and staff.  State of the art security systems can be costly and districts are looking to fund these projects through referendum and capital leases.

Energy Savings Improvement Programs (ESIPs):


ESIP Programs allow school districts to provide for capital improvements and building retrofits that reduce energy costs through the installation of energy efficient equipment and building improvements. The resulting debt service or lease payments are made from the savings realized in the district utility budgets. As such, the district does not incur the financial impact of additional debt and no referendum is required. Typical projects include boilers, automated systems, HVAC, lighting, refrigeration, and windows.


How can NW Financial help you?


For over 25 years NW Financial has been assisting school districts with the financing of their capital needs. Whether it's through a referendum and bond issuance, the bidding of a capital lease or the refunding of outstanding debt to provide annual savings to school district budgets, NW Financial provides the necessary financial information and analysis that allows the district to navigate through the financing process.


    ·    An evaluation of available funding options

    ·    Detailed budget and tax impact modeling

    ·    Credit rating agency plan and presentation

    ·    Bond and capital lease structuring and bid

    ·    Official statement preparation

    ·    Public information development and meeting preparation


The addition of a financial advisor early in the financing process is invaluable. Additionally, if the District does not move forward with the proposed financing or if there is a failed referendum, the district is not charged for services rendered.



Doug Bacher and Dianna Geist, NW's School District financing specialists, have over 20 years of school financing experience and are available to answer questions. In the meantime, please visit our website at www.nwfinancial.com for additional information.